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How To Use Zeta Clear

Are you suffering with ugly toe nail fungus? Well I was. And that was long back. Now I am blessed with happy feet thanks to Zeta Clear. First of all, it is okay to witness fungus as long as those things grow on rocks and water bodies. Imagine those on toes and fingers. Yuck!

So yes, now you know why I chose Zeta Clear.

I couldn’t wait for the fungus to be gone. Honestly, I was devastated when I could not wear a lot of pretty shoes that I had in my closet. Thanks to my friend for letting me know about Zeta Clear. If it wasn’t for her I would still be stuck with all those home remedies and fake gels and lotions.


I ordered my pack of Zeta Clear from the official site. It arrived safely packed and I was confident about it already because my friend was so sure that it would be the answer to my worries. I am thankful that it had an applicator in the pack. Unlike several other packs of fungal infection treatment this pack was a lot easy for me to use. The other products I had used earlier had to be applied directly or with cotton. I did not like both. You can easily buy Zeta Clear from the great official website.

I applied Zeta Clear thrice a day for 3 weeks and that is all that it took for me to get rid of the fungus. Once a week or sometimes when I know I will be home for the day, I would wrap a band aid around my toes. It did help me in healing faster. The applicator was easy to use and I did not have to touch the fungus with my hands. Ever since my last use of Zeta Clear, I have not seen fungus in my toes.

Thank you Zeta Clear for making me feel confident about my feet! There are various other products available in market. But I strongly recommend Zetaclear or Kerasal. Once Zetaclear was not available in the nearby store and I bought Kerasal. It’s too an amazing product with no side effects and is very easy to use.  Just in case if you want to read more about Kerasal, here is a good article.