Homemade Dog Food, What It Is and Health Benefits

Your French bulldog is a glutton, and you think his food sometimes bores him? Are you thinking about changing your pet’s diet and do not know whether to give homemade food or feed it? You’re in luck! One of the biggest concerns when caring for a pet is determining its correct diet. Our current pace of life forces us to look for a quick and comfortable way to feed our dogs. But are processed foods the best solution?

Benefits of Homemade Dog Food

Like other options, homemade dog food should contain high-quality protein, digestible carbohydrates, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals and cover all the energy and nutritional needs of our dogs in the right proportions. A well-prepared homemade dog food can be a good choice because it gives us the following benefits:

  • We can precisely control its composition: By choosing the ingredients ourselves, we ensure the use of quality food and adjust the percentage of each product according to the individual characteristics of our dogs.
  • It has no artificial additives: If we prepare food for our pet from natural ingredients, we can be sure that there are no additives that can cause allergies or intolerances.
  • It can be very appetizing and digestive: By adding meat, fish, and fresh vegetables, natural dog food is not only very appetizing, but it is also easier for your body to assimilate it correctly.
  • It allows us to change the menu frequently: Homemade food allows us to customize our dog’s menu to the maximum and prepare a more varied diet.

Differences between homemade dog food and feed

Natural dog food is not just a matter of “fashion”. Natural foods are healthier and safer than processed foods, but processed foods also have their benefits. The truth is that although we believe that homemade food is the best option for feeding dogs, the current pace of life leaves many caregivers without time to prepare recipes.

For one, natural foods do not contain artificial chemical additives that can worsen food allergy symptoms. They have been shown to be more nutrient-dense because the extrusion process used to make most dog food involves cooking them at very high temperatures.

This is done to prevent the risk of bacteria such as salmonella and other dangerous microorganisms. But of course, with the added calories, many nutrients are lost in the process. But if your lifestyle doesn’t allow you enough time to prepare recipes, choose a food as natural as possible for your dog, like the one you prepare at home.

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