How is the Social Behavior of Your Dog?

Whether your dog was given to you as a puppy or it came to you older, in both cases dog training is needed. It is necessary to make it clear to them where to relieve themselves, how to behave when visitors come to the house, obey the owner when they go for a walk, and how to socialize with other puppies when they are found on the street.

How Does The Training Help Them?

The protagonist of dog training is the puppy. They will be the stars in this training, of course, the owner is also very important because what is sought with the training is to create a close bond between the owner and his dog. And so coexistence both at home and outside this space will be more bearable. Just think of the times we have gone for a walk with our dogs and whether they pounce on other dogs or other dogs are left barking. And many times neither owner knows what to do.

The good behavior of the dog reflects the responsibility that the owner has over him, and it will sound very harsh, but due to lack of time and patience, many puppies do not know how to behave and that is why they end up on the street. We want to prevent something like this from happening. That is why Animal Training has taken on the task of looking for experts for dog training.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Sometimes when thinking about the training we can feel a rejection since we think that maybe our puppies will feel fear because we believe that training them is equivalent to punishing them so that they understand, but it is not like that. And although sometimes we do not want to punish them, they have behaved badly, there are ways to attract attention, you have to understand that it is not necessary to shout, they understand the tone of voice and they will understand that you are not happy with what they just did.

But to avoid disappointment due to your pet’s bad behavior, and that you and your puppy are constantly at odds, or if you are concerned about his behavior with other puppies, you need to take him to be trained. Proper dog training focuses on positive reinforcement training, this means that the actions that we want the pets to have been rewarded.

We must consider that the training of dogs is not in a single stage, this teaching is both in their life as a puppy and as an adult. You can trust the Positive Reinforcement training offered by professional dog training. Since, as we said, it is focused on rewarding and not punishing. How is this? In other words, the behavior we want is strengthened with a reward. Which can be a treat, caress, or words.

Taking your dog to a reputable San Diego pet resort can help him be trained on how to socialize with other dogs.