My Vizsla Dog is Not Eating, What Could be The Problem?

This is usually one of the concerns about food that most takes away the sleep of the masters, who observe how their dogs from one day to the next stop eating, become unappetizing and lose weight with the passage of days.

Most Common Causes Of Loss Of Appetite.

Illness. A decreased appetite in dogs is often a symptom of an illness, especially if the dog is exhibiting other signs at the same time.

Recent vaccination

Luckily, vaccines are available for many serious and contagious diseases of the dog. Although vaccines have saved the lives of millions of pets in the last 100 years, they sometimes have adverse effects. The vast majority of them are brief and mild, including temporary loss of appetite in dogs.

A blow to the head

If the dog has suffered a blow to the head, it may have suffered damage at the neuronal level, specifically in the area of the brain that is responsible for communicating to the brain the need to eat when necessary.

Intestinal obstruction

The veterinarian is the one who can check if the loss of appetite is due to the dog ingesting any object or food that has been obstructed in the stomach or intestines and causes that lack of hunger.

Behavioral problems

Some Vizsla Puppies for sale are simply picky, or their refusal to eat may be due to various situations in which they do not feel comfortable, such as the close presence of another aggressive dog, or a feeder located at an uncomfortable height.

Old age

When the dog reaches the third age, its system of taste, smell, and digestive, as well as physical activity, weakens, so food intake becomes increasingly hard.


Stressful situations for our dog friend are also a reason for loss of appetite. For example, radical changes in the environment (such as a move), the loss of a member of the family circle, not exercising properly, or being subjected to things that cause fear, can be a house of this.


Is your dog taking any medication? The intake of drugs can cause a very significant loss of appetite.


It is important to be aware of whether our pet is hydrating properly, if your dog is not eating or drinking liquids, it is best to go immediately to the veterinarian, as these become dehydrated very easily.

Other causes. They can be hormonal problems, wounds, punctual gastritis, etc.

One way or another, a lack of appetite should always be analyzed by a professional, so that he can find the true cause of the problem. You can talk to a professional breeder, like Evening Star Kennels – California Dog Breeder, who will recommend the appropriate treatment.