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Dog training completes the set of services that World Wide Dog Breeders Classified provides to its clients. It is of vital importance to achieve a correct relationship between dogs and their owners.

The service is provided in the vicinity of the client’s home and is based on teaching the owner to handle his dog, rather than on the animal’s own education, although without neglecting it. Our experience shows that if the dog is very well educated and the owner has not learned to relate to it, in a very short time we will have a dog that does not obey orders, which is why our greatest effort is dedicated to teaching the owner to drive. To his dog.

Basic Obedience (Individual Classes):

The objective of these sessions is to create the perfect bond between the dog and its handler. Through these works we achieve control, hierarchy and a healthy and harmonious relationship with our pet.

The basic exercises that are developed are:

  • The walk: let him walk with us.
  • Sitting.
  • Lying down
  • Call.
  • Permanence: get our pet to stay still in the position that we ask.
  • The Game: One of the most important aspects to generate a good bond, it must be a structured game to enjoy together dog and handler.

Starter groups for puppies (3-6 months):

Provide the first guidelines to prevent possible misbehavior in puppies that can become problems in adulthood.

  • Correction of bad habits of puppies.
  • Food and hygiene guidelines.
  • Guidelines for the walk (the leash and the puppy).
  • Socialization.
  • Dog learning stimuli.
  • How to use reinforcements: positive and negative.

Working groups for young and adult dogs (from 6 months)

The goal is for handlers to improve control over their pets, and achieve the perfect relationship between dog and handler, reinforcing the bond between them.

The works that are developed are:

  • Basic Obedience (Go to the side, sit, lie down, call and play).
  • Activation and deactivation.
  • Game structure.
  • Abilities.

The groups will be of a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 dogs.

The courses consist of 1 class per week, approximately 1 hour.

Behavior Modification:

Treatments adapted to be able to solve the problems that our pets generate.
With Behavior Modification we will achieve an optimal mental state in our pets, helping them to maintain an ideal balance in order to have a better life for both the owner and the dog.

The most common problems we treat are:

  • Separation anxiety: destroys things at home, barks, cries… when home alone.
  • Leash pulls: Work on the walk so that it is a positive moment for both the dog and the handler.
  • Aggression towards other dogs or people.
  • Frustration: self-control exercises and frustration tolerance.
  • Fears, stress and anxiety.
  • Possession of objects, places or food.
  • Rejection of food from the ground and from other people’s hands.
  • Runs away or doesn’t come to the call.
  • He does his needs at home.

The education classes are taught by Adolfo Benito and Eider Sara Arcelus, Professional Poodle Educators.

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